Sha Shine Party S4H/S4O (K2SCW)

Sha Shine Party S4H/S4O
By Scrappin Wright
I love a party, Birthdays, Anniversary, New Year, and a just because it’s fun party. I had a vision of satin stitches, glossy gel, and shiny things mixed with a little shabby and worn. I thought it would be fun to mix these elements together and see what could happen. This kit is made for New Year and yes, it’s a great reason to party but what if you have a birthday? Or maybe a just because celebration? You would need a kit that can work with most any party. 🙂 I hope this is the one for you.
Shadows for realism.
Please read my tou for other information. Enjoy!
Kit, AKA
Scrappin Wright
please contact me if you have any problems
*Kit is personal use, scrap 4 hire, and scrap 4 others friendly*
*300 DPI full sized, Quality checked for appropriate texturing, blur, stray pixels, jagged edges, and size.*
*Not a commercial use kit*

k2scw_sha_shine_party_01_600 k2scw_sha_shine_party_02_600 k2scw_sha_shine_party_03_600 k2scw_sha_shine_party_alpha_600